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The Ford Mustang is a powerful car and part of the power behind it comes from its transmission. Automatic or manual transmission can have issues which is the reason that auto technicians offer various ways to repair them, including rebuilt and remanufactured transmission.


Signs Your Transmission is Failing


There are several signs that your transmission may be failing. If there is a smell of something burning while you are driving your Mustang, it could mean there is an issue with your transmission. Also, if your Mustang is not shifting properly, your clutch starts to drag, your Mustang keeps slipping in and out of gear, or your Mustang begins to shake while you are driving down the road, you should definitely have your transmission and engine checked by a certified auto technician that specializes in Ford vehicles. While you can shell out a ton of money for a brand new transmission, there are two other options you can choose from if your transmission is failing to operate properly.


Remanufactured Transmission versus Rebuilt Transmission


If your Mustang needs transmission repair, you can have it rebuilt by your auto technician. To rebuild your transmission, in auto technician well take apart your Mustangs transmission down to the nuts and bolts then rebuild it while replacing any parts that need to be replaced. Your technician will do this by using brand new parts or used depending on which type of part is needed and which you prefer.

When it comes to a remanufactured transmission, the same process is conducted but it is done by a technician at a facility that is dedicated to producing transmissions for your vehicle or to the manufacturing facility where your particular transmission was produced in the first place.


 So in other words, the difference between a rebuilt transmission and a remanufactured is where it is conducted and who does the work https://reman-transmission.com/transmissions/ford. Also, there is a difference in price because it will more than likely cost less money to have a local mechanic do it rather than a technician at a facility that produces transmission since you are paying for an expert on transmission repair versus a certified auto technician.


The final decision as to whether you should choose a rebuilt transmission for your Mustang or a remanufactured one is ultimately up to you but either way, your Mustang will have a new transmission and be ready to hit the highway without any issues.https://www.autoblog.com/ford/mustang/